This Curated Portfolio consists of over 250 Unique IP Assets, and offers a remarkable collection of new project ideas, campaign strategies, communication tactics, and related product concepts for military, law enforcement, gaming, entertainment, sportsman, and gun collector sectors. The set includes exact match keyword phrases covering dozens of mainstream products and services, as well as popular service and consumer expressions directly related to the firearms industry. It also includes the largest collection of freedom-based campaign slogans ever assembled in support of protecting future consumer rights.


I prefer dangerous freedom

over peaceful slavery.

- Thomas Jefferson


This original brand concept and identity package from our design team features a great name and striking visual perfect for a wide range of applications related to military and entertainment.

There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.

- Robert A. Heinlein

Welcome to the largest collection of brand concepts and tactical marketing strategies for industry retailers, contractors, manufacturers, campaign managers, game developers, entertainment projects, and sporting good stores.

Education and Positive Reinvestment should be the backbone of Preserving Rights.. lest those with a Passion for only Wealth Accumulation ruin the Whole Thing.

- Battle Collection Curator

This dynamic collection includes a large number of original tactical domains, that can be used to heighten conversion rates, enhance product development, explore lateral partnerships, form new sales channels, and aid to the visualization of future consumer pathways. The portfolio also features a high number of strategic options for focused messaging campaigns and platform slogans to memorialize and ensure the preservation of future rights.

let's not forget the bonds and journeys that made this country great...

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